The evaluation of a student’s performance on placement is an essential part of their professional learning.  A practice educator is contributing to the academic assessment process of a students learning program when they evaluate placement performance.   The Student Practice Evaluation Form – Revised (SPEF-R) is the tool used nationally to evaluation occupational therapy student practice placements. It is recommended that you undertake the SPEF-R online Training Package prior to using the SPEF-R to refresh your skills or answer queries you encounter. The website also includes some wonderful video vignettes to help guide you in the process. It can be found here:

Video: Student Evaluation

One of the most challenging aspects of student supervision can be the evaluation process. Yet, this need not be the case. Watch this video for some simple ideas and tips to promote clear placement expectations and to evaluate your student accordingly.

Resources: Here are some tips on using the SPEF-R:

Evaluation using the SPEF-R.pdf

Placement environments and activities and the evaluation of placement performance can be stressful for students so providing students with tips on how to look after themselves whilst on placement may be beneficial.  Here are some Self Care Tips for Students:

Assisting students to look after their health and wellbeing.pdf