Conference presentations

2014 Increasing OT Student Numbers & the Future of Practice Education. Occupational Therapy Australia, Queensland State Conference. “Engage, Inspire, Advance”, October 23-25, 2014, Noosa, Qld, Australia. A. Hamilton, J. Broadbridge, K. Horstman, J. Copley, Y. Thomas, A.  Edwards, M. Bonassi, C. Fitzgerald, & J. Newton (2014).

2012 Occupational Therapy State Conference, Cairns Queensland “Providing the ‘Just Right Challenge’: Students’ perspectives on excellent practice educators” QOTFC [Oral paper presentation by Dr Yvonne Thomas and Prof Sylvia Rodger - QOTFC]

2011 OTAL Education Day (National pre-conference workshop presented by Mike Lyons, QOTFC]

2009 Occupational Therapy State Conference, Brisbane Queensland “Practice Educator Commendations – Panel Discussion” QOTFC [Conference Workshop presented by Craig Greber, QOTFC]

2010 WFOT Congress, Santiago, Chile “Occupational Therapy Practice Education: Involving and Engaging Key Stakeholders in the Profession” [Poster presentation – Yvonne Thomas, QOTFC]

2008 National Occupational Therapy Conference, Brisbane Queensland “Growing Our Mental Health Workforce” [Poster presentation – Yvonne Thomas, QOTFC]

2007 Education of Health Professionals in Community, Clinical and Simulated Settings, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Practice makes Perfect Conference. “The QOTFC: Developing partnerships for practice education”. [Oral Presentation -Thomas, Y., Rodger, S., Broadbridge, J., Hawkins, R., Edwards, A., McBryde, C.]

2007 Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Conference Hong Kong “Innovative Partnerships and Resources for  Supporting Clinical Education” [Poster presentation – Sylvia Rodger, QOTFC]

2007 Occupational Therapy State Conference, Yeppoon Queensland  “Innovation and Sustainability in Occupational Therapy Fieldwork” QOTFC [Oral paper presentation by Yvonne Thomas and Jacqui Broadbridge - QOTFC]

2007 Occupational Therapy State Conference, Rockhampton Queensland “Occupational Therapy Student Supervision : Supervisors’ Perspectives” QOTFC [Oral paper presentation by Sylvia Rodger - QOTFC]

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Journal articles and report publications - Clinical Education

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Rodger, S, Turpin, M, Copley, J, Coleman, A, Chien, C, Caine, A and Brown, T (2014) Student Practice Evaluation Form-Revised edition online comment bank: development and reliability analysis. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, Early View 1-8. doi:10.1111/1440-1630.

Rodger, S, Chien, C, Turpin, M, Copley, J, Coleman, A, Brown, T and Caine, A (2013) Establishing the validity and reliability of the Student Practice Evaluation Form-Revised (SPEF-R) in occupational therapy practice education: a Rasch analysis. Evaluation and the Health Professions, OnlineFirst 1-16. doi:10.1177/0163278713511456

Rorke, L. Clinical Education in Private Practice. Creating “Win, Win, Win” for Students, Universities and Private Practitioners (2005) Discussion Paper generated for QOTFC

Turpin, M., Fitzgerald, C., & Rodger, S. (2011). Development of the Student Practice Evaluation Form Revised Edition (SPEF-R©) Package. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal,58 (2), 67-73.


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