Practice education videos

Here are real world examples of OT practice placement experiences and outcomes. Watch them to find out what other organisations and services are doing in this space, and how you too can benefit from taking a novel approach to practice education. Whether you are new to student supervision, or simply looking to brush up your skills and strategies - chances are we have a video to help you out. 

Use the headings below to expand a list of relevant videos for that topic. Simple click on the video heading, and away you go. Our special thanks and appreciation go out to all contributors, facilitators, and interviewees involved in these videos. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did making them!

Why supervise a student?

IUIH Student Placements

See how Alison and Chrisdell at the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) manage and run their OT student placements. This video provides a brief introduction to their placement philosophy and how this is embedded within their service.



How Placements Can Add Value

The potential benefits and value that OT students can add to an organisation are detailed in this interesting conversation with Chrisdell and Alison at IUIH. It's sure to get you thinking about the possibilities for your own service!



Making the Most of your Placement

Sarah, an OT student from Southern Cross University on the Gold Coast, sits down with us to discuss her practice education journey. Sarah provides advice for students to help them make the most of their placement experience.



NDIS & Impacts on Student Placements

Alison Copley from Develop Occupational Therapy in South Australia sits down to talk about her experiences with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and the impacts this has had on OT student placements and their private practice in general.

Select the placement option to suit you

Project Placement – Practice Educator Perspective

Helen from Autism Gold Coast joins us to discuss a recent project-based OT placement with students from Southern Cross University. Helen details how the placements were negotiated, facilitated, and the wonderful outcomes for the service and it's clients.



Project Placement – Student Perspective

Laura and Sarah from Southern Cross University discuss the above poject placement experience from their own perspectives. They provide insight into the unique learning opportunities available from such novel and innovative placement models.



Would I Recommend a Collaborative Placement?

Melanie Roberts offers her unique and insightful perspective on collaborative placements, and why therapists and their services should consider giving it a go.



Benefits of Collaborative Placements

Melanie Roberts from Griffith University discusses some of the key benefits for both practice educators and services from taking OT students on collaborative placements. Melanie has extensive experience in supporting and facilitating collaborative placements.



Collaborative Placement – Student Perspective

Grace and Samantha from Griffith University discuss their student fieldwork experience and learnings from a recent collaborative placement. Their insights shed light on the unique opportunities afforded by this placement model.



Interprofessional Model

At the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) in Brisbane, a wide variety of innovative and flexible placement models are used. Here, Alison and Chrisdell offer their expertise and tips on utilising an interprofessional placement model for OT placements.



Multiple Mentoring Model

The multiple mentoring model has proven to be a key component and enabler of quality service provision and practice education at IUIH. Here, Chrisdell and Alison reveal how they run such placements and the benefits of this particular placement approach. 



Role Emerging Placements (Part 1)

Rosamund Harrington is an OT Lecurer at Australian Catholic University and an advocate for practice education opportunities in Brisbane. Here, she and Alison Nelson from IUIH discuss in detail how they negotiated and developed a recent role emerging placement.



Role Emerging Placements (Part 2)

In Part 2 of Ros and Alison's conversation, they review the role emerging placement and some of the specific learning and service provision outcomes from the experience. 

Planning and preparing for placement

Placement Planning & Dealing With Challenges

We all know that planning is a vital part of the success of practice placements. Chrisdell from the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) reveals how they plan for their student placements, and provides tips for dealing with challenges as they arise.



Preparing and Planning for Collaborative Placements

Melanie Roberts is an OT Lecturer at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Here, she provides an overview of the planning and preparing process involved in Griffith University's OT collaborative placements.

Introduction to basic supervision skills

Helping Your Student Get Organised

Jodie Copley is an OT Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Here, Jodie provides her unique insights into some essential tips and suggestions you can use to help your student get organised on placement. 



Promoting Reflective Practice

Reflective practice is essential to the learning and skill development process. OT students are well-trained to reflect on practice and adapt accordingly. Embedding this process within a placement can be tricky. Here. Jodie Copley proposes some methods to do just that.



OT Theory & Clinical Reasoning

Jodie Copley has a wealth of experience and knowledge in OT practice education. When it comes to embedding OT theory into practice, Jodie discusses some essential techniques to help your student develop their clinical reasoning skills through an OT framework.


Providing Feedback

Providing feedback can be one of the most rewarding components of clinical education, and is undoubtably a key area of learning and development for students. It can also be quite challenging to do effectively. Jodie provides some ideas to help your feedback provision.



Skill Development on Placement

Hannah and Ryan are OT students at Australian Catholic University. Here, they discuss their recent collarative role-emerging placement experience at the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH), including some of their tips and tricks for skill development. 



Maximising Learning on Placement

Australian Catholic University students Ryan and Hannah look back on their recent placement at IUIH, focusing on how they were able to take advantage of any opportunities available, and thus maximise their learning on placement.

Facilitiating student professional reasoning on placement

Video 1: Introduction to professional reasoning (1st in series of 7 videos)

For experienced health professionals articulating how they reason in practice is often harder than we first think. This video discusses how health professionals make quick decisions in practice and the benefits of practice educators using strategies to articulate their professional reasoning to student learners.


Video 2: Describing professional reasoning (2nd in series of 7)

How practice educators use the occupational therapy process to describe their professional reasoning to student learners is highlighted and demonstrated in this video.



Video 3: Describing professional reasoning: procedural reasoning (3rd in series of 7)

How practice educators utilise their professional theory and practice experience to discern how to work with the unique occupational performance issues of their clients is discussed in this video.



Video 4: Describing professional reasoning: pragmatic reasoning (4th in series of 7)

Supporting novice learners to make decisions through the lens of the ‘ideal versus the possible’ is demonstrated in this video on the topic of pragmatic professional reasoning.



Video 5: Supporting students to describe their professional reasoning (5th in series of 7)

Reflection on professional reasoning is a key practice eduction learning strategy and this video provides ideas of how to support student learner to reflect on and articulate their professional reasoning.



Video 6: Understanding occupational issues: an example of applying theory to practice (6th in series of 7)

Supporting novice student learners to understand occupational issues supports them to make decisions on occupational therapy’s contribution to consumer centred care. This video provides an example of how a practice educator can support a student to apply theory to practice.


Video 7: Reflecting on professional reasoning: learning from experience (7th in series of 7)

During practice education experiences student learners are supported by practice educators to learn from their experiences. This video demonstrates how a practice educator can support students to reflect on their professional reasoning and learn for future practice.



Advanced supervision tips and suggestions

Supervision Sessions With Students

How do I structure my student supervision sessions? How should my student prepare for supervision? How do I ensure both my student and I get the most out of supervision? Jodie Copely from the University of Queensland answers to these common questions...



Scaffolding Student Learning

The process of gradually escalating placement experiences and activities for students can at times feel more like art than science. Here, Jodie Copley demistifies the grey area and offers handy hints for scaffolding student learning on placement.



Student Evaluation

One of the most challenging aspects of student supervision can be the evaluation process. Yet, this need not be the case. Watch this video for some simple ideas and tips to promote clear placement expectations and to evaluate your student accordingly.



Creating Culturally Aware Students

Alison and Chrisdell from the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health outline their innovative and progressive program for educating staff and students about the unique cultural considerations involved in their line of work. 



Receiving and Responding to Feedback on Placement

Laura is an OT student from Southern Cross University. Here she details her practice placement journey to date, and provides some great advice about receiving and responding to feedback on placement.