The Clinical Educator’s Resource Kit was developed by what was at the time referred to as the Queensland Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Collaborative (QOTFC) as an outcome of the project “Engaging the Clinicians”. [QOTFC has since evolved into the Occupational Therapy Practice Education Collaborative (OTPEC-Q)]. 

This statewide project aimed to increase collaboration between and commitment to student fieldwork education by occupational therapists in Queensland. The project, conducted from July 2006 – June 2007, brought together occupational therapists interested in fieldwork who could potentially help to influence local regions to sustain, provide and increase fieldwork opportunities for occupational therapy students.

Queensland Health is gratefully acknowledged for funding this project. Thanks and acknowledgement are also extended for the support of the numerous occupational therapists around Queensland who contributed their ideas, time and resources to this project thereby enabling it to achieve a range of outcomes, one of which is this resource. The OTPEC-Q  hopes that this resource will promote and support the fieldwork opportunities available to occupational therapy students.

You will notice that this kit includes information located on this website, in addition to other handy resources and guidance. All of this content is organised into five main components, or parts, as follows: