Feedback is a key factor underpinning successful placement learning.  Effective feedback influences a student’s approach to ongoing professional learning and supports the development of their self esteem and confidence.  Feedback guides their achievement of intended learning outcomes.  The feedback process tells students how others see them and helps them to identify strengths and areas for growth in professional competencies. Here is a tip seel offering practice educators a range of strategies to support the provision of effective feedback to students on placement.  Feedback can also assist students to evaluate their progress in relation to their stated learning goals and placement evaluation criteria (SPEF-R).

Video: Providing Feedback

Providing feedback can be one of the most rewarding components of clinical education, and is undoubtably a key area of learning and development for students. It can also be quite challenging to do effectively. Jodie provides some ideas to help your feedback provision.

Resources: Here are some excellent resources about feedback from Queensland Health's Occupational Therapy Clinical Education Program (OTCEP):

Tip Sheet: Providing Feedback.pdf

Tip Sheet: Receiving Feedback as a Clinical Educator.pdf