3. Ensure management and staff are aware, informed and in support of providing a student placement

You may like to:

  • Discuss with your colleagues and line manager the benefi ts for the organisation/centre in having a student.
  • Discuss your responsibility to your profession and the Occupational Therapy Practice Education Collaborative QLD (OTPEC-Q) recommendations regarding student supervision (outlined in Part One).
  • Discuss your development needs at  staff appraisal and include student clinical education as a goal you wish to pursue.
  • Present the learning opportunities offered by your service and ask colleagues for other ideas or contributions.
  • Notify all relevant staff, including administrative staff, about the arrival of the student, the expected dates and duration of the placement, student’s level of education, any specifi c projects that the student will be working on, student timetable, and also ask relevant staff to nominate scheduling of meetings with the student for demonstration of procedures/systems, presenting tutorials and other interdisciplinary tasks.
  • Ensure that the timing of the student placement will be suitable with other centre and staffi ng commitments and scheduled activities. For instance; check clinicians’ scheduled holiday, maternity or conference leave, centre holidays, staff workload demands, project deadlines or other such events or activities.