1. Access clinical education training and resources

The first step is to make sure that you are aware of the University requirements of you as a student placement clinical educator, and also of the resources and supports available to you.

Whether you have supervised students before or whether this will be your first time, we recommend that you consider accessing one of the following workshops for occupational therapy clinical educators run by the university programs.

1.1         University workshops for occupational therapy clinical educators

The university programs offer clinical education training workshops throughout the year and may be inter- professional or occupational therapy specific. The workshops provide training in aspects of student clinical education including: adult learning, the differences between student and educator in learning and supervisory styles and enhancing student learning on placement, as well as managing barriers to learning. They also cover the evaluation of students using the SPEF-R.

Advanced workshops will cover clinical reasoning, feedback and supervison models.

The workshops also provide a forum for you to raise any concerns or apprehensions that you may have about student supervision and to have these issues broadly discussed.

Option for regional visits or telelconference training.

1.2         But I live in rural or remote queensland, and may not be able to attend workshop

If you are not able to attend a workshop in person, you can contact the clinical education liaison staff from the Universities to find out about their next visit to your region. Some universities may provide videoconferencing of workshop educational material based on need, at sites throughout Queensland.