Assessment on placement for students is by way of the Student Practice Evaluation Form – Revised Package (SPEF-R). This fieldwork evaluation form is available in an online package, and covers a range of skills seen as integral for students to develop in order to practice effectively. These incude: Professional Practice, Self Management, and Communication Skills and a selection of other items according to the appropriate clinical area experienced in the placement (ie direct client care, case management and/or project management/consultancy).

Learning to use the SPEF-R assessment manual is a significant component of new supervisor training. For more information on the SPEF-R, go to Part Four: The feedback process and evaluation.

See also SPEF-R training website for how to navigate the online version:

For any clinical educator workshop enquiries or to obtain a SPEF-R manual (or extra copies), contact your local university clinical education staff.


Are You Ready Now?

In light of the above pre-placement considerations, please take some time now to complete the self-rating questionnaire in Worksheet 1.3: Self-rating questionnaire on your readiness to provide a student clinical placement