If at any stage during a placement supervising clinicians have concerns about a student's performance they are encouraged to consult with university staff. These clinical supervisors should contact the clinical placement manager at their relevant university. In terms of providing a supportive learning experience for students, managing concerns constructively is essential.

Clinicians are encouraged to contact the university early when they have concerns. This contact can occur prior to the halfway assessment although it is recognized that concerns most often reach a climax at the time of the halfway assessment.

If the student is failing any of the Student Placement Evaluation Form - Revised Edition (SPEF-R) core items or if concerns relate to the student's performance against any of the broader learning objectives within the SPEF-R the clinician should contact the university. This contact may be by telephone or email in the first instance followed up by forwarding the 'Concerns Exist Form' located within the SPEF-R manual. This will lead to formal contact by a university staff member, with the clinician and the student. An action plan to address the concerns will be jointly developed and regular weekly visits may be set up where the student is in close proximity to the university.

Where the student and clinician are further away, telephone and/or email contact will mostly be utilized. It should be noted that students are also able to flag any of their concerns regarding their performance at the placement directly with university staff. This can be done confidentially or through the clinical supervisor.