What to do when a student begins to struggle

When you supervise a student who starts to struggle with a placement, you can:

  • Contact the fieldwork staff at the university just to have a chat about your concerns;
  • Discuss this in confidence with other supervisors at your centre/in your area to gain some support;
  • Telephone and email to request active assistance from the clinical placement manager at your university;
  • Complete a "concerns exist" form and fax or email to the university;
  • Be assured that the clinical placement manager will follow up by phone/email or in person if you contact them or lodge a "concerns exist" form;
  • Know that the clinical placement manager will contact you to discuss the issues in confidence;
  • Know that the clinical placement manager will also see the student if you agree;
  • Be assured that the university will provide additional assistance to the student by visiting and/or phoning as negotiated with you and the student;
  • Be assured that both you as supervisor and the student will be supported throughout the process.