Clarify Your Expectations to the Student

Walk the student through the placement learning program, clarifying what the expectations will be of student professional behaviour, skill development, communication and self-management and also about cultural norms and practices of your work centre.

Important Information and Expectations to Discuss with the Student
  • Scheduled supervision sessions and your availability
  • How the student should approach you, particularly if engaged with the client/group or in a meeting.
  • Protocol of confidentiality
  • Protocol of observing clients
  • Maintaining client-student professional boundaries
  • The SPEF and its relationship to learning plan
  • Expectations of professional behaviour - may include:
    • Respects values, beliefs, needs of clients and staff
    • Maintains confidentiality
    • Respects workplace procedures
    • Represents OT appropriately
  • Behaviour demonstrates awareness of and respect for OT Code of Practice
  • How expectations relate to University general placement learning objectives¬†and the SPEF-R
  • Use of formal and informal assessments and intervention strategies.