Well done. After all that worthwhile preparation, you are ready and awaiting the arrival of the student.

Now the fun begins!

3. Clarify your expectations to the student

Walk the student through the placement learning program, clarifying what the expectations will be of student professional behaviour, skill development, communication and self-management and also about cultural norms and practices of your work centre.

Important information and expectations to discuss with the student
  • Scheduled supervision sessions and your availability
  • How the student should approach you, particularly if engaged with the client/group or in a meeting.
  • Protocol of confidentiality
  • Protocol of observing clients
  • Maintaining client-student professional boundaries
  • The SPEF-R and its relationship to learning plan
  • Expectations of professional behaviour – may include:
    • Respects values, beliefs, needs of clients and staff
    • Maintains confidentiality
    • Respects workplace procedures
    • Represents OT appropriately
    • Self-management (e.g: presentation, behaviour, time management, initiative and responsibility, managing stress, accepting constructive feedback and modifying practice accordingly, getting to meetings/in-services without prompting).
  • Effective communication (with clients and signifi cant others, with co-workers and as a member of a team)
  • Behaviour demonstrates awareness of and respect for OT Code of Practice.
  • How expectations relate to University general placement learning objectives and the SPEF-R
  • Use of formal and informal assessments and intervention strategies.