The University Occupational Therapy Practice Education Network QLD (UOTPENQ) is an affiliate member of OTPEC-Q.

The aim of the UOTPENQ is to promote statewide collaboration across affiliated universities to ensure a consistent approach to practice education in Queensland. This group functions at the operational level to coordinate student placements across the state. Members are clinical education staff from member universities.

The main role and responsibilities of UOTPENQ are:

  • To provide a coordinated, collaborative and innovative approach to the growth, development and sustainability of quality practice placements for member universities within Queensland.
  • Contribute to capacity development through consideration of state-wide placement distribution and equity.
  • To liaise and collaborate with key practice stakeholders groups in Queensland including OTPEC-Q, QLD Health Occupational Therapy Clinical Education Program (OTCEP) and other organisations proving student placements
  • To facilitate collaboration on key practice education matters specifically the placement allocation process. 

Current UOTPENQ Members

ACU - Australian Catholic University

BU - Bond University

CQU - Central QLD University

GU - Griffith University

JCU - James Cook University

SCU - Southern Cross University

UQ - University of Queensland

USC- University of the Sunshine Coast